Choosing the Perfect Sneakers for Men

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As a man with errands and priorities, you need a pair of sneakers that meets the demands of your lifestyle. Ill-fitting and even ill-suited sneakers can throw off your bravado, and leave you uncomfortable and unproductive. Luckily for you, sneakers have evolved tremendously over the past century, granting you a wide gamut of options to choose from. While previous sneaker models were designed purely for sports, many modern-day sneakers harbour a versatile range of uses and applications. In fact, some styles have evolved to be so formal that they can be paired with more formal clothing.

some styles

Why Sneakers?

Perhaps you are inquiring as to why you should invest in men’s sneakers in the first place. Modern technology has improved the manufacture and build of sneakers to an immense degree. Just as they can bolster performance in sports, they can also protect you with enhanced air cushioning and several other features. Did you know that sneakers were first developed 200 years ago? This means that manufacturers have had over two centuries to fine-tune these shoes, all for your benefit.

Why Sneakers

Types of Sneakers

There are many types of sneakers available on the market. The most popular type of sneaker is known as the lightweight running shoe. These shoes give you a lightweight feel and they prevent you from feeling weighed down overall. They give you an immense degree of motion control, and they are highly flexible as well. These shoes are ideal if you are interested in increasing the speed of your performance, or if you are interested in running. However, if you are a man who has a low foot arch and you need additional padding, then consider finding another shoe.

Types of Sneakers

Cross trainers are popular because they are highly versatile and suitable for different activities. These sneakers are considered to be a hybrid, and they provide breathable uppers, cushioned heels and malleable soles. With this said, if you enjoy engaging in a complex range of activities, then you should consider these shoes.

cushioned heels

Basketball shoes are one of the most popular sneaker designs, and they were the first shoe to proliferate in the sneaker market in the shoe industry. These shoes provide ankle support, and they can safeguard you from ankle damage, as well. They can stifle the growth of microbial life and they are integrated with light materials. Furthermore, these shoes are known to be well-ventilated in most cases. Basketball shoes are not simply reserved for basketball players, but rather, people whose feet have a tendency to turn inward.

turn inward

Stability shoes are perfect for men who are affected by rolling feet. If your feet have a tendency to roll, then consider stabilising them with a pair of these sneakers. Some men are interested in becoming more physically active, but they fear the likelihood of injury. Stability shoes can actually prevent this from happening.

Stability shoes

Walking shoes are yet another popular type of sneakers than men enjoy wearing. Why are walking shoes even necessary you ask? Because the muscles and ligaments you use while running differ starkly from those you exercise while walking.

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